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The Kirby Collab The Kirby Collab

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Absolutely Amazing!
The collaberation of the whole thing goes well.
Ever since waiting for it to start I knew this was going to be a movie/collab.

Was all the voices done by electric star by the way?
The action scenes with the sprites are amazing and I have never personally seen a sprite fight better than wait, I haven't seen a collab better than this.
(I just Love Kirby!!!)

I can't wait for the next installment if there is going to be one :P

FlashfireEX responds:

You haven't seen a sprite fight better than SG's? Watch animations by Alvin-Earthworm or Short-Factor. Also, SOME voices were done by ElectricStar. Most of mine was from him and I'm not sure if he did voices for anyone else's parts but he certainly helped in mine.

M.C. in Bel-Air M.C. in Bel-Air

Rated 0 / 5 stars


Don't forget nausea.
I'm feeling sick now and I'm not epileptic

MonochromeClock responds:

Well you must have felt much more sick before you saw my flash!

Pon and Zi Pon and Zi

Rated 4 / 5 stars


It's really good and the only thing that needs to be done is more of it!

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*Flight* *Flight*

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I have played this before 0.o

I have played this game before and it was exactly the same as this I played on it a few months ago and it was in a different language...I think this may be decompiled hmmmm

The Fallen Pig The Fallen Pig

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

A few things

Far too hard
Not big enough screen or pig is too big
No levels
No plot
Hit tests are okay but need to be worked on.

The Maze by SkullDrawer The Maze by SkullDrawer

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Simple game but there is a glitch

All you have to do is hold the mouse down and then you can go over the lines :/ meh if this wasnt copy and pasted then I can say its okay

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Crimson Crimson

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Thats a amazing dragon what program did you use?? and how long did it take to make?

Ryunohito responds:

I use Photoshop CS3, and it took me probably around 2 hours. I never really keep track XD